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College of Education and Human Services

Jane Nichols

Ph.D., C.R.C., Associate Professor

Dr. Jane Nichols

Program Affiliation: Rehabilitation Counseling and Administration
Office: Rehn Hall 329A
Phone: 618-453-8291
E-mail: jlnichols@siu.edu

Specializations: Sequlae of traumatic brain injury, including challenges in communication, decision making, and addictive behaviors

Dr. Jane Nichols is an Associate Professor in the Rehabilitation Counseling and Administration Program. She received her M.S. from Portland State University and her Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Rehabilitation Counseling. Dr. Nichols has over 20 years of experience in public, private and non-profit settings as a rehabilitation counselor, mental health counselor, and program coordinator. Her dissertation involved the qualitative study of social interactions of persons with acquired brain injury. Dr. Nichols research projects include: the intersect between social skills, mental health and addictive behaviors; interdisciplinary teamwork and military counseling. Dr. Nichols specializes in mental health and substance use counseling and is coordinating the Advanced Training Program in Substance Use Disorders and Addictive Behaviors at the Rehabilitation Institute. She is a licensed clinical counselor and a certified rehabilitation professional.