Superintend Prepartion Degree Requirements | EAHE | SIU

Southern Illinois University



College of Education and Human Services

Degree Requirements


Positional Specialization (21 HOURS):

Governance of Public Schools (6 hours):

  • EAHE 551 Policy and Politics in American Education Systems
  • EAHE 556 The School Superintendent and Board of Education

Management of Public School (6 hours):

  • EAHE 550 School Business Administration
  • EAHE 555 Leadership and Change in Education Organizations

Educational Planning (6 hours):

  • EAHE 520 Current Issues in Educational Administration
  • EAHE 558 Personnel Evaluation and Administration

Clinical Experience (3 hours):

  • EAHE 597 Superintendency Internship
    The Superintendent Internship provides substantial, sustained, continuous, structured, and supervised district-based field experiences and clinical internship practice within a district setting. Students are required to complete a minimum of 180 hours of activities, over the course of a calendar year, in which they demonstrate the ability to synthesize and apply the content knowledge and professional skills acquired in their coursework. A University program faculty supervisor collaborates with each candidate/intern to select a qualified 0n-site mentor for the internship experience.

Departmental Approved Electives (9 - 12 HOURS):

Social Foundations (3 hours):

Any one (1) of the following:

  • EAHE 538 Education, Policy, and Social Forces
  • EAHE 542 Contrasting Philosophies of Education
  • EAHE 544 Education and Culture
  • EAHE 564 Seminar in Ethics and Social Justice in Education
  • EDUC 511 Seminar in Philosophical and Cultural Foundations in Education

Administrative (6-9 hours):

  • EAHE 523 Introduction to School Finance and Facilities
  • EAHE 543 Professional Negotiations
  • EAHE 557 Program Development and Evaluation

For application information or other questions about the program, please email Dr. Judith A. Green.